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13 October 2013


  1. London’s Great Exodus

    Seen lots of links to this today. Rather depressing, if you want London to be somewhere you and your friends can afford to live. “The city is essentially a tax haven with great theater, free museums and formidable dining.”


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    @holgate No. There’s so much I wish I’d done when I was there. I did get to a baseball game though. And a ren faire…

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    @chrislunch Also, too much noise makes it harder for your team to communicate. I think you make more noise for the opposition.

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    @chrislunch Hah, weird. At least it makes a bit more sociable use of those huge car parks.

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    @chrislunch I’m also intrigued to hear how ridiculous it is in the flesh. Watching via Channel 4 provides some British insulation.

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    @chrislunch Whatever you like! So long as there are no spoilers for tonight’s Redskins/Cowboys game, which I’ll watch during the week.

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    I mentally group NFL football and Grand Theft Auto into the same bucket: there’s much I don’t approve of, but I love the sights and sounds.

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    @chrislunch I am a little jealous :) Never seen a game for real. I was going to say “Steelers’ll win” but I see they’re 0-4 this season!

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    Got to see inside the big old sorting office on New Oxford St. Wanted to for years! (Some free Saatchi art show on until 20th.)

    Westminster, England, United Kingdom

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    Man cycling through the relentless rain with a big smile: “Lovely day isn’t it! Amazing!”

    City of London, England, United Kingdom

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    The fact that none of the stars of tech city appear to be actual techies is telling.

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    The solution to your club filling up with jerks is not setting up automated trapdoors under each chair. Awesome as that sounds