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2013-10-13 (Sunday)


  1. London’s Great Exodus

    Seen lots of links to this today. Rather depressing, if you want London to be somewhere you and your friends can afford to live. “The city is essentially a tax haven with great theater, free museums and formidable dining.”


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    @holgate No. There’s so much I wish I’d done when I was there. I did get to a baseball game though. And a ren faire…

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    @chrislunch Also, too much noise makes it harder for your team to communicate. I think you make more noise for the opposition.

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    @chrislunch Hah, weird. At least it makes a bit more sociable use of those huge car parks.

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    @chrislunch I’m also intrigued to hear how ridiculous it is in the flesh. Watching via Channel 4 provides some British insulation.

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    @chrislunch Whatever you like! So long as there are no spoilers for tonight’s Redskins/Cowboys game, which I’ll watch during the week.

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    I mentally group NFL football and Grand Theft Auto into the same bucket: there’s much I don’t approve of, but I love the sights and sounds.

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    @chrislunch I am a little jealous :) Never seen a game for real. I was going to say “Steelers’ll win” but I see they’re 0-4 this season!

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    Got to see inside the big old sorting office on New Oxford St. Wanted to for years! (Some free Saatchi art show on until 20th.)

    Westminster, England, United Kingdom

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    Man cycling through the relentless rain with a big smile: “Lovely day isn’t it! Amazing!”

    City of London, England, United Kingdom

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    The fact that none of the stars of tech city appear to be actual techies is telling.

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    The solution to your club filling up with jerks is not setting up automated trapdoors under each chair. Awesome as that sounds