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2013-10-03 (Thursday)


  1. Unity - Activating GameObjects

    I think they’ve added custom JS to allow tabbed language-switching between what are Prism.js-styled code blocks, which is nice. If you’ve seen similar somewhere, do let me know…

  2. Prism

    Nice-looking lightweight JavaScript syntax highlighting, which I’ll forget the name of by tomorrow.


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    @benterrett At least 70% cyborg, judging by those shiny white eyes. #cyborgrights #cyborgbiz #cyborgweek #alwaysbecyborging

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    @blech Gotcha. I very rarely follow links on Twitter, but may be unusual.

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    @blech I’m not clear which you’re proposing to stop, but I enjoy both. There’s good stuff on your Tumblr.

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    @alicebartlett Sorry, don’t have time to watch video. Too busy working hard, being awesome, counting my money and listening to grunge. #genx

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    @tomstuart You’re going to reply to NW with “Just stop being dicks?”?

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    @rmi Me too when I read it, so had to share :)

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    Pocket Planes… Pocket Trains. So much fragmentation! I’m holding out for Pocket Integrated Transport System.

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    One for the oldies: “I remember the day I quit using Matt’s Script Archive. January 1st, 19100.” Kent Brewster,

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    Aiming for competence.

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    Hesitant to donate to Lavabit lest you wind up on a watchlist? Just buy a can of sardines! Each contains at least a dozen spines

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    If you don't like the new retweet notifications, just change them in the settings.