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2013-07-22 (Monday)


  1. 10 questions about Cameron’s ‘new’ porn-blocking | Paul Bernal’s Blog

    All this. Censoring illegal content is one thing, assuming it can be done, but anything else is a slippery slope into a whole can of mixed metaphors.


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    @genmon Do we know who the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation will be yet…?

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    Children singing “GO HOME OR FACE ARREST” to the tune of “Ring a Ring o’ Roses’.

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    @iamdanw My thoughts exactly.

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    The Guardian’s invested in a live royal baby blog rather than the more practical single-serving website.

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    In this robust and hard-hitting plan, any web pages unsuitable for publication will be marked with blue pencil by the Lord Chamberlain.

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    Under new plans, all websites must be submitted to the Lord Chamberlain’s Office for licensing prior to publication.

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    Blimey, Florin Court on Saturday night: “@jackstevedore: Clerkenwell at it again last night @ Charterhouse Sq: ”

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    I’m not superstitious so I assume it means nothing that the long-awaited royal birth was preceded by repeated peals of ominous thunder.

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    is that a big society

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    Ceiling Cameron.....

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    To get your British porn name, take your first name, your surname, fill in this form and post it to the government.