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2013-07-16 (Tuesday)



  1. ‘Fuck that film’ « LRB blog

    A few interesting, and critical views on ‘The East’. I found the film better than I feared, and enjoyed it, but I now find myself agreeing with most of the points here.


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    @spaceboy I’m waiting for the box set. No spoilers!

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    @rooreynolds Congrats!

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    @blech @bobbiejohnson I see your Disposable Heroes and raise you Digable Planets in the “Good 90s rap for middle class white folk” stakes.

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    @whoisdanw “*Team posts only please” Go team!

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    @russelldavies One of the best questions from BBC2’s “Guess The Matt!”. C4’s “Tom Who?” is also fun, but BBC4 had to cancel “Which Ludwig?”