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2013-05-02 (Thursday)


  1. DWP - Services and benefits online - What do I need?

    Staggeringly shit. The service was designed to work with Internet Explorer versions 5 through 6 on (old) Windows only. One assumes the GOV.UK accessibility shock troops will roll into town eventually.


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    @alruii Yeah, why not, ta. Can you also put on a party hat and do me a little dance?

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    Every time I hear that new Daft Punk intro I think of Daft Swanson… Which is no bad thing. I could watch that all day.

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    @revdancatt It fades to the distance, the image has gone.

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    @chrislunch Yeah, ta. They keep on coming! Or going.

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    I could probably make a fair bit of money on Twitter by opening a dozen parentheses and having followers 'sponsor' me to close them