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2013-01-27 (Sunday)


  1. The Last Places

    Henry VIII’s wine cellar, once part of Whitehall Palace, still exists under the Ministry of Defence. Although the entire cellar was moved, in one piece, when the MoD was being built. (via ?)

  2. Short Cuts (London Review of Books)

    Paul Myerscough on Pret a Manger. 91% of employees are immigrants. Social security as a subsidy to companies whose products would otherwise be too expensive for their non-social-security-receiving customers.

  3. Let’s Call it Failure (London Review of Books)

    John Lanchester on good, if depressing, form on the state of the UK economy and “austerity”.


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    @jmason The Pinboard bookmarklet works well for me. (A bit frustrating on my (old) iPad though.)

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    The Dying Art Of Publicly Bookmarking Links And Explaining Why.

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    The gradual kindling of an inferno in the antipodes that, too late, reminds me to wash my hands after chopping chillies.

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    @thisisaaronland @LouReed I’ve been enjoying gradually understanding the references on that record ever since. So good.

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    @suegyford @BryanAppleyard This article by Meades about Essex, and the programme, is good too (and mentions Walton):…