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2012-11-20 (Tuesday)


  1. Typography and Type Design 101: Reading Lists

    A couple of typography reading lists, and more. Like I’ll ever get round to that.

  2. My New York List - Journal - Howells.

    No immediate plans to visit NY, but after reading this handy list, I want some. (via @antimega)

  3. Napster, Udacity, and the Academy

    Clay on free online courses being to universities as file sharing was/is to the music industry. Even aside from that, worth it for making clear the variety and scale (ie, how tiny Ivy League is) of US higer education.


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    Not sure how I used to do useful/clever/creative/lively things after a working day. Was it that… “being young” thing? Zzzzzzzzzzz

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    Owed quite a bit of that coding “flow” I’ve heard so much about. As opposed to the “running into brick walls” I’m more familiar with.

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    @stml Now there’s a column.

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    Silicon Roundabout Aeropress Explosion. #mynewband