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2012-07-16 (Monday)

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  1. Britain flooded with ‘brand police’ to protect sponsors - Home News - UK - The Independent

    It would be nice if the journalist (and commenters) didn’t over-simplify something to make a point.…


  1. Pareidoloop

    “1. generate random polygons. 2. feed them into a face detector. 3. mutate to increase recognition confidence.” All done in-browser. Lovely stuff from Philip McCarthy. Code on Github.


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    @mildlydiverting I wish "Win. Fucking win." was an automated Nike+ social media slogan. (Well done!!)

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    @bruntonspall It’s backslashes all the way down.

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    A Movable Type template that runs Perl which outputs PHP that generates JavaScript. I must have thought that was a good idea once.

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    @junkyardmessiah @jamesmoran @GreatDismal Not true. p.9 gives rules You can use “London summer” but not “London Games”.

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    @phl Oh that’s brilliant, good work.

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    @antimega Ministry of Funny Walks?

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    @feralibix I bet @dotcode knows someone :)

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    @rooreynolds They so totally need a single portal.

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    G4S is text speak for 'guffaws'.

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    sugar sugar / kandy pop / pull it down / push it up / sugar sugar / kandy pop / just don't let the music stop