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2012-07-13 (Friday)


  1. Chrome Web Store - Pendule

    I stumbled across this Chrome add-on yesterday which provides lots of very handy things that the standard developer tools don’t.

  2. WordPress › Toolbox « Free WordPress Themes

    “A semantic, HTML5, canvas for CSS artists and an ultra-minimal set of super-clean templates for your own WordPress theme development.”

  3. WordPress › Boilerplate « Free WordPress Themes

    “A merger … of the HTML5 Boilerplate and the Starkers theme.” Handy for starting theme development with. I imagine.


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    Some bits of WordPress are a joy to customise. The registration & login screens and behaviour are not those bits. Horrorshow. I feel dirty.

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    @blech I find this stuff fascinating, personally and societally. The Early Retirement Extreme rabbithole is an interesting one to go down.

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    @blech via

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    @blech Sounds almost like Keynes saying if we had full employment we’d only need to work 15 hours a week.

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    @benterrett @mattb M&S Man, £6, best cheap plain t-shirts I’ve found in years, if you don’t want much colour choice. Done.

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    @mattb M&S. Not sure that’s the answer you were after :)

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    @dracos @csi_popmusic "switch from Viva to 4Music or vice-versa" only works if they play music all the time. Stupid non-music programmes.

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    @plsj Wooo, go you etc! Good to have some people there appreciate you!

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    Just another day in #siliconcarpark

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    Amusing myself by dropping a picture of snoozing baby squirrels in to the public folders of mac users on the Soutbank Centre free wifi.

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    Advertised for rock stars, got Keith Richards. Nice fella but can’t code for shit. Lesson learned, will advertise for developers next time.