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2012-05-07 (Monday)


  1. Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, The Best Restaurants And More | Serious Eats : New York

    Because one day I’ll visit again, and this looks a good list. (via Kottke)

  2. Timeline of the far future - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Starts in 10,000 years time and goes on from there. (via Dan Hon)


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    @LouiseMensch @samuelpepys The evening of the 31st.

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    @LouiseMensch @samuelpepys Never fear - archiving is my unwieldy middle name.

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    @LouiseMensch @samuelpepys It would be great if SHE'D kept a diary...

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    @LouiseMensch The tweets might start again in the new year... I just need a break from @samuelpepys after 9.5 years of

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    @LouiseMensch Do you really want a more specific @samuelpepys spoiler?