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2012-04-15 (Sunday)


  1. Issue #3057: bootstrap-dropdown.js clearMenus() needs ; at the end · twitter/bootstrap

    Long, long discussion over whether to use a semi-colon or not. Saved to show non-coders how important the smallest details can be. And, also, USE SEMI-COLONS, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!


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    @blech @mildlydiverting @tomcoates Yeah, just thinking it's best to follow the crowd, and don't want two tools for one task.

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    I think I know the answer, but: Is there any way to copy all my ffffound images over to pinterest? (Not even sure why I want to, but still.)

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    @dotcode That's brilliant. Semi-colons all the way!

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    @esinclai Well, twelve years ago, no one else was running one, so I felt obliged to fill the gap!

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    @secretbean Congrats on the move! Exciting to have a change of scene!

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    She was a composer, a descendant of Handel. She hadn't inherited his talent, but the name opened doors.