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2012-04-13 (Friday)


  1. BBC - Weather - Get BBC Weather on your mobile

    “Go to the web application on your mobile phone menu and type in” I’M IN THE WEB APPLICATION! THIS IS A WEB PAGE! It’s not even a clickable link.

  2. Olympics 2012: branding ‘police’ to protect sponsors’ exclusive rights | Sport | The Guardian

    If you were wavering over your opinion of them, every paragraph here takes you closer to thinking “fuck the London Olympic Games 2012.”

  3. A Baseline for Front-End Developers - Adventures in JavaScript Development

    All good stuff. But I must admit, after doing front end dev work (not solely, but a lot) over the past, what, 17 years, these days it’s really, really hard to keep up. (via Dotcode)

  4. PHP: a fractal of bad design - fuzzy notepad

    This is all true, and so it would be good to read something about why PHP has been *so* popular despite being so bad. (via Paul Mison)

  5. Edit Flow

    This WordPress plugin looks like the bee’s knees. Calendar, editorial comments, custom statuses, editorial metadata. And the site looks like it’s been made by competent, caring people.


    This looks nice, and seems popular, although I wonder if it’s overkill. Promising. Need to actually try these things.

  7. Simple:Press

    Another WordPress forum plugin. I dream of seeing one of these that looks simple and beautiful.

  8. WordPress › Mingle Forum « WordPress Plugins

    WordPress forum plugin that claims to be simple and good. Still looks like an old fashioned phpBB style forum though. (If you have a recommendation for a good WP forum plugin, do let me know!)


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    @benterrett Oi, get off your phone and watch your gig! Did you take a cushion?

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    Saved from BGT by the first episode of Red Dwarf on Dave. Very slow though.

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    Watching Britain's Got Talent and playing Draw Something. I have never been more mainstream. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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    @spaceboy I thought that would happen. I also wonder if young women with old-fashioned set hair-dos will appear soon.

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    Sitting in the atrium of the Y. Someone just asked me what I think of the New Aesthetics. Told him I haven't had time to read @bruces yet...