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2012-02-11 (Saturday)


  1. 1960s videos of London

    Some great videos of London in the 1960s.


  1. Why French Parents Are Superior by Pamela Druckerman -

    This crazy “French method” of parenting… isn’t it also known as “common sense”? if this is supposed to be eye-opening I now understand why so many small kids seem to do whatever they like. (via Kottke)

  2. Local councils have right to say their prayers, says Eric Pickles | Society | The Guardian

    Wow, I had no idea lots of councils have (Christian) prayers as part of their meetings. Nuts. it’s like living in America.


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    @revdancatt Ugh, yeah, and I didn’t realise the stickers were that big. How annoying.

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    @revdancatt Sticky Stuff Remover from Lakeland:

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    @paulpod Indeed, just enough heating to keep us warm while we strive for our glorious future!

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    @paulpod Modernist flat is a bit chilly today. Long johns, quadruple jumper.

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    Too much amazing footage of London from the (mostly) 1960s: Really, really good stuff.

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    @matthewward @benterrett Is the problem that there are too many People Like Us, or not enough? It’s a tricky balance.

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    @simonw s/UK masterchef episodes/all TV/