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2012-01-13 (Friday)


  1. Google, what were you thinking? ← Mocality Kenya

    Some fine Internet detective work from Stef uncovers Google being, well, evil in Kenya.


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    Phew, everything works and I’ve reached the point I hoped to be at 2.5 days ago. Time for the weekend.

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    @simonw Wahey, thank you!

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    @lanyrd Reading your weeknotes via RSS, it’s impossible to tell who’s written them. Could you add an author element or something? Ta!

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    Starting to think I’ve been kidding myself all these years and that I fundamentally don’t understand computers.

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    Google, what were you thinking?… - shocking behaviour in Kenya

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    Watching news headlines. Do you know I'd forgotten all about Nick Clegg? They may as well give him a bright yellow toy steering wheel.