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2011-11-21 (Monday)



  1. Bootstrap, from Twitter

    Twitter’s CSS/HTML frameworky thing, which I keep forgetting about.

  2. Foundation: Rapid Prototyping and Building Framework from ZURB

    Lots of CSS goodies. Grid, forms, etc. (via @hamstand)


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    @crookedstamper Look for the volumes of Pepys' diary edited by Latham and Matthews, eg…

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    @hamstand Ah, I’d missed that nesting... hmm, that might work, thanks. I’ll have a play!

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    @hamstand Looks good, thanks, but twelve columns... I need to use something more unusual.

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    CSS nerds: Any recommendations for an elastic/fluid CSS grid that will let me choose column number and widths? Or should I roll my own?

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    If the Internet feels extra full, it’s because I’ve stuffed it with questions about all the bits of my code that doesn’t work.

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    @infovore Me, if I’m still awake on Thursday (barely awake today).

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    @alicebartlett WHAT?!

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    'Er indoors is back, er, indoors!

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    @CeleryHearts I haven't read much further ahead I'm afraid!

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    Wearing a new celebrity cologne today, "Personal Appeal (by Jimmy Wales)". I expect to be fighting them off.