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2011-11-09 (Wednesday)


  1. Le Sibère Carnet de Christophe Courtois: affiche

    Amzing collections of film posters that look almost identical. It’s almost laugh-out-loud how similar so many are. (via Daring Fireball)


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    I’m so proud to see the Labour party being so inspiring and forthright about this year’s battles for what’s right. Oh no, wait…

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    Winning the battle against my first use of jQuery Promises, I earn the right to have lunch. Yay!

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    @mattsheret Some of those later chapters are probably my favourite to listen to, which I feel I should feel guilty about. Fun! Pop!

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    @tomcoates Have you read @jonronson’s psychopaths book? Looks good. And this was a good interview with him about it…