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2011-10-02 (Sunday)


  1. Drive

    A single scene in ‘Drive’ has stuck with me over all the others.


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    @alanconnor Nice capture!

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    @ianbetteridge I wonder why Twitter doesn't also do a volume chart. Even if it wasn't foregrounded. That'd make trending topics clearer.

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    @cityofsound Ooh yes, I love that one. (One of the few of all those I know, thanks for the recommendations!)

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    @memespring But then people would realise they could get more information, more quickly, by just reading it. That would never do!

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    I wrote a brief thing about a few seconds of ‘Drive’:…

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    @Delicious The /v1/posts/get/ API query for a particular date now seems to return all posts edited on a date, not posted on a date.

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    Lots of people saying this weather is due to global warming. No one saying it's because we've time-travelled to 1985.

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    @chrislunch I use which seems to do the job reliably. (Other Flickr uploading apps are available.)

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    Complete stranger just paid for our bus ticket. Thanks hackney we love you.

    Tower Hamlets, England, United Kingdom

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    Well that was great, but I think we all owe Jean-Michel Jarre an apology #AmonTobin