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2010-12-10 (Friday)



  1. Cognitive Cities Conference, 26. & 27. February, Berlin

    Could be interesting, and is in Berlin, and has Hammersley, Greenfield, Voss and others I don’t know. (via @mattb)

  2. Vintage British Argos 1985 Catalogue - a set on Flickr

    Fantastic nostalgia. But also, backs up my “scan and upload any pre-Internet artefact and people will go ‘Wow!’” theory. (via @antimega)


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    @benterrett “Basic” comedy can be very, very funny. #butnotifthewriterisinarush

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    @benterrett It seems more like some kind of basic comedy, undermining what you say with a contradictory image.

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    @russelldavies @benterrett I like it as a way to self-deprecatingly undermine what one says. #notthatitscleverorfunny

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    Reading reports of yesterday's protests and getting angry again. Thinking students should kit themselves out at Polimil before the next one.

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    @angusprune Thanks, I've passed your details on.

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    @GeePawHill (a) "Up" starts a tiny percentage of @samuelpepys' tweets and (b) that's how he starts many of his diary entries.

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    Furry hats with little animal ears can be cute on small children or young women. But on 30+ years-old men... just a bit creepy.

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    Friend of a friend, 17 years old, looking for work experience in graphics and/or architecture in April. Let me know if you can help, ta!

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    Gah! Amazon! I said Four Kindles (via @timdifford)