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2010-12-03 (Friday)


  1. Falling out of love

    The final volume of Samuel Pepys’ diary has been a disappointment. Not due to the content, but due to the shoddy printing.




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    First mince pie of the year. Merry Christmas @benterrett!

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    @danhon The chain is broken, repeat, the chain is broken. I am calling off the dogs.

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    @Thayer @jaggeree @revdancatt Fit the message to the medium. An automated blog post tweet is dull. Tweets are better when conversational.

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    (Tell me if posting links to blog posts is annoying. Sometimes I think it is, but it seems to be the Done Thing these days.)

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    I am annoyed about @HarperCollinsUK's paper and printing and have written angry words: So there.

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    I had to explain to a student that " melodrama" does not mean the drama is like, mellow. "I thought it was quite exciting," he said.