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2010-11-20 (Saturday)


  1. We Made This Ltd - Ministry of Stories & Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

    Very lovely - London’s own version of 826 Valencia (the “Pirate Shop”) and similar. (via Chrisdodo)


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    @D_K_N @samuelpepys bought Barclay's 'Argenis' on 24 August 1660:

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    Another quiet Saturday night in watching The Apprentice, Misfits and True Blood.

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    @ronmartinez Quite possibly. Hard to say without really knowing what the questioner meant by "legitimate".

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    My answer on Quora to: How does someone become a legitimate futurist? (You might know better, so please correct me!)

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    @docky I have happy memories of playing a lot of 'Turmoil' on the Spectrum. (via @shiftrunstop)

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    "A SQL query walks into a bar. He approaches two tables and says, Mind if I join you?"