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2010-11-18 (Thursday)



  1. You Can’t Innovate Like Apple — Pragmatic Marketing

    About how Apple designs products, but particularly for the bit about designing 10 very finished designs, and the brainstorm/production meetings. (via @paulpod)

  2. Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Gain Muscle - DailyBurn

    I couldn’t remember what gym-tracking site I used to use. Finally found it, but it didn’t help that it had changed from Gyminee to DailyBurn since I last used it.


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    @mondoagogo That is a diet I can get behind!

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    @Zoonie Yes, I managed to put weight on, intentionally, when doing weights and eating more... then I started swimming and eating less...

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    @hondanhon @paulpod Uh oh... maybe my loose pounds are multiplying and will soon cover all of the kingdom!

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    @louiseoldfield The secret is... (ssshhh) to do exercise, eat healthily, and don't eat much. I know, who could guess!?

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    @bobigail I started investigating fountain pens when I started an OU course too! I quit the former when I gave up the latter.You keep going!

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    Hmm, I seem to have lost around 26lbs/12kg in the past couple of years without trying. Not good. (Sorry Mum, I'll eat properly.)