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2010-08-09 (Monday)



  1. The Sweeney Forum • View topic - London Wall

    Stills from films/shows like ‘Blow Up’, ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘The Return of the Saint’ featuring London Wall and Barbican highwalks, compared with photos from 2010.

  2. Django via fastCGI on Lighttpd | App Delegate Inc

    This description of how to set it up sounds comprehensible.


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    Lovely chat with old acting friend. Our wounds have almost healed after two years.

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    Bum. Tony Judt died. His memoirs in the NYRB have been lovely. Start with Night (January 14):

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    For @moleitau: #whatwouldsláinedo

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    @cityofsound I found switching off all the Spotlight indexing made my 3G with iOS4 a bit less frustratingly slow. (I wouldn't say "fast".)