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2009-07-30 (Thursday)



  1. Spotify playlist: Chart Hits 83

    I made a playlist of that K-Tel double cassette compilation I was banging on about a while back. A few omissions, but otherwise it’s all there.

  2. Spotify + = good

    I had exactly the same problem with Spotify — unsure what to listen to. ShareMyPlaylists does seem like a good way in.

  3. IanVisits London Events Guide

    Fantastic guide of interesting things going on in London. I’d like an iCal file, but otherwise, handy stuff. (via Simon Willison)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    "And finally..." humorous bits at the end of TV news make me want to reach through the screen and bang the news reader's head on their desk.

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    @plasticbagUK The odd thing about the news business model is that nearly all news shows are the same: priorities, design, philosophy, etc.

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    An afternoon of BP Portrait Awards and hanging out round Cov Gdn. Now homing in on @schulze Day.

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    I must be getting old... JCB drivers are getting younger and younger. #oneandother

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    Si is now on the plinth, cycling on the spot. The staff were worried about stability so insisted he have a pole to hold on to. #oneandother

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    Heading to Trafalgar Square to see my old friend Simon on the plinth at 2pm. No idea what his plans are, if any. #oneandother