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2009-07-04 (Saturday)



  1. The show, which is currently in production with an….

    BBC4 “comedy drama” about the rivalry between Sir Clive Sinclair and Acorn Computers head Chris Curry. Why a sodding *comedy* drama? Let’s laugh at the funny 1980s and their silly computers! Well, might be good.

  2. Walton Rocks! - a set on Flickr

    A nice simple set of photos of bits of Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex.

  3. Home

    A good source of answers to the question “what model of TV should I get?” (and similar, I imagine).

  4. Stalled building sites in Square Mile to become allotments | News | Architects Journal

    Temporary grow bag allotments, but still, better than nothing. (But not as good as having Milton Court undemolished either.)


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    Can't even remember how many years ago I last drank coke. Anyway, now heading home to read in the sun.

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    Even hungover, Ben Goldacre is worth the OpenTech entrance fee alone.

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    About to amble towards OpenTech.