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2008-10-20 (Monday)


  1. Custom Earphones by Etymotic Research and ACS

    Reseller of aforementioned custom earphone sleeves bundled with ER-6is. Which you have to buy via further resellers. I’ll never understand business.

  2. Advanced Communication Solutions - Custom Earphone Sleeves

    Very tempted by these, but not quite tempted enough at the price. Yet.

  3. BookGlutton

    Read books online, annotate them and read the annotations of others. Doesn’t feel *quite* right somehow in the way it works, but close.

  4. Financial crisis timeline | Business |

    Handy summary of the past month’s descent into madness. Ideal for someone who’s, say, been travelling through central Asia for four weeks…

  5. Why Google App Engine is broken and what Google must do to fix it. at Aral Balkan

    My word, it sounds quite useless really. (via Simon Willison)

  6. Byroglyphics - news

    I love some of these paintings / illustrations. Well-drawn plus splattery! (via Drawn!)


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    Pepys recently: Custom MT comment moderation code and a clickable Pepys family tree

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    A few minutes of singing (exercises, not even proper songs) can have a marvellous affect on one's mood. Hurrah.

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    I haven't been so un-in-the-mood for the gym in a long time. I guess it still did me good.

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    Marking 225 @warmingup posts as read. Will now try, again, to keep up.