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2004-08-21 (Saturday)


  1. Euro Foo Camp: Tomas Krag & John Naughton - Digital Divide

    A small group for this one… John Naughton: Ndiyo — the Swahili word for yes. (Most…

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  2. Euro Foo Camp: Jo Walsh - Literate Programming

    Jo Walsh started a discussion about what literate programming is, how practical it is, what we can…

  3. Euro Foo Camp: Steve Coast - OpenTextBook & OpenStreetMap

    Steve Coast (physics student at UCL) on OpenTextBook and OpenStreetMap both of which could do with…

  4. Euro Foo Camp: Matt Webb - Brain Hacks

    Matt Webb entertains the crowd with his descriptions of experiments on psychology undergraduates.…

  5. Euro Foo Camp: Ben Hammersley - Better Living Through RSS

    Debonair man-about-town Ben Hammersley talking about what he’s been squeezing into RSS.…


  1. TOOOL - The Open Organisation of Lockpickers

    Someone’s giving a talk on lockpicking here at Euro Foo Camp. More non-computer talks please!