Writing from February 2010

News week, day 1

I was anticipating a period in this news project when I would feel lost and like nothing was working. Most projects have them. I just didn’t expect the feeling to start before I’d begun: last night was full of dreams in which I was endlessly reading and summarising news websites but getting nowhere and making no sense.


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News week, day 2

Today started a little better than yesterday on the news project. With two days’ worth of news I was already starting to see themes that would extend across the week, stories that would be worth condensing and summarising in a weekly round-up. But I’ve also started wondering if I’m trying to tackle the wrong problem.


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Replace comments with letters pages

I like this, a CSS file that hides comments on many popular websites. It feels a bit like we’re very slowly turning a corner when it comes to how we think of commenting (unless it’s merely my wishful thinking).


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Week 347

Weeknotes always seem to be written by people who are extremely busy and/or enthusiastic. Let’s look back at last week (346) and momentarily buck that trend.


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Week 348

It turns out I’m no good at blocking off time for my own projects. I managed to resist earlier in the month, but now the next fortnight, which was going to be nicely open, is chock full. Thankfully, it’s all good stuff.


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Week 349

This past week I’ve been working with BERG, the other side of our office’s internal wall, on their El Morro project.


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