Writing from January 2010

Week 342

I’m kicking off the new year with a change of scene: I’m fortunate enough to have a desk in the new office shared by BERG, Really Interesting Group and Ruby Pseudo. It’s the first time I’ve had a base outside of home, so I’m looking forward to a more sociable, enjoyable and possibly even more productive year.


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Practical Django Projects source code

I’ve recently been working my way through Practical Django Projects, Second Edition, by James Bennett, published by Apress. It’s good but, despite promises, the finished code isn’t available online. So I’ve bunged my finished code on Bitbucket.


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Pretend Office RSS feed improvements

For those who might be interested, the RSS feed of emails sent to the Pretend Office company-wide email list now contains the full text of the emails, rather than a snippet. Ask IT to install it for you now!


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Learning to quit

Last autumn I started a part-time Open University course, MST121 Using Mathematics. This week I decided to drop out, a decision that has left me thinking about education and making the best use of time.


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Pen v keyboard v Newton v Graffiti v Treo v iPhone

For some time I’ve been meaning to test my small collection of PDA/smartphone gadgets to see which of their methods of input was quickest. The iPhone’s software keyboard? The Newton’s handwriting recognition? Palm’s Graffiti? With the possible imminent arrival of a tablet from Apple that will save the world, it seemed a good time to get round to the test.


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Week 344

Last week I finally finished working through Practical Django Projects, which took longer than expected due to all the bits of code in it that don’t work. At times it felt like typing in pages of BASIC from ZX Spectrum magazines and having to hunt through for the typos.


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Week 345

If all goes to plan I’ll be busy with client work, SXSW, and a proper holiday from the start of March through to mid-May. So I’m trying to reserve the few weeks before then for myself.


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Looking for news

I mentioned in yesterday’s weeknote that I’m currently working on personal project about news. I’ll describe the project itself later in the week, but first a bit of background. There are two main thoughts that have lead me to this project, and here’s the first.


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Small publishers of news

Yesterday I wrote about my frustrations with current sources of news. There’s another main reason for my current news-related project though, and that’s more optimistic.


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Next week’s news

After those bits of background, mulling over what I’ve been thinking, here’s what I’m going to do next week. I’m going to spend the week writing an online news website. Part of me is still wondering why, so here are some reasons.


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