Saturday 27 February 2010

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Week 349

This past week I’ve been working with BERG, the other side of our office’s internal wall, on their El Morro project.


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  • 12:10pm: Today's early rising earns me an early lunch at the Fryer's Delight.
  • 12:33pm: People rave about the Fryer's Delight, but that was the soggiest, chewiest battered sausage I've ever had. Not a single crunch.
  • 01:05pm: @gwire It seemed civil. I did enquire about the batter quality while in the restaurant though. They said it was normal and fresh.
  • 04:53pm: @scaryredhair Congratulations Mr and Mrs! Hope you're having a lovely day!
  • 07:09pm: Happy SEVENTH birthday from London Ada! #HappyBirthdayAda
  • 10:21pm: @EnemyOfChaos Did you try the same Geocities URL at It might have been saved.