Writing from March 2010

Week 350

A busy week. I was due to continue working on the project I previously code-named Project Humphrey but that was delayed by a couple of days. So the start of the week I continued at BERG on their El Morro project, bringing a technical specification up to date.


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Just a quick one as in a few minutes I’m off on the Heathrow Express of the slow now (the Piccadilly Line) and then on to SXSW. I’ll then be in New York from 17th to 21st. Do come and say hi or something if we should/could talk. I’m rubbish at that but do enjoy it once I get going.


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Week 351

This is late, it’s about last week, the beginning of which seems a long time ago, before I came away to Austin, TX last Thursday.


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SXSW 2010

I wrote a long piece about why SXSW Interactive was a bit disappointing but when I read it back I got bored, so I see no reason why you should be subjected to it. Let’s compress it all to a single paragraph:


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Week 353

Back to work this week after most of last week on a post-SXSW holiday and I’m back with Somethin’ Else, cracking on with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript on what I, and I alone, called Project Humphrey for the purposes of these weeknotes.


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New York Holiday

After SXSW I stopped in New York for a short holiday — it seemed a waste to go all the way to the US and only go to one place. I’d been to New York three times in the past but not for long and I couldn’t remember much of it.


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