Writing from October 2008

Graphs that lie

Here’s one thing that’s making me angry at the moment. In fact there are several things making me angry at the moment: McCain’s supporters; the greed that lead us into these financial end-times… and by comparison this particular matter is trivial. But at least it’s easier to solve than the others.


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Making websites

With the occasional updates about performances and auditions you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m no longer making websites. Although I had little time free for real work while at college I was still able to squeeze in a few smaller projects over the year since I finished my time on BBC Programmes (which has since gone from strength to strength):


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Showing them one tiny corner

There was some interesting discussion on my previous post about stock market graphs and there were perhaps three themes we can address.


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Stopping Movable Type from truncating long templates

This one goes out to all those fickle fans who stumble here via Google.

If you use Movable Type 4 and have any very long templates you may have encountered a problem where saving the template in MT’s editor results in the end of your template being cut off.


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A format only robots could love

I’ve just added a new section to my site: Comments written on other sites. Every time I post a comment on another site I’ll make a copy here. It’s already stocked up with every comment I’ve made on other sites since July 2004.


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Ghostly fingers of APIs

When writing my previous post about aggregation I started thinking about all the small pieces of me that are loosely joined around the web. Today I decided to see what all those connections looked like:


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