Writing from November 2008

Haddock Blogs feeds are back

Apologies to the hundred or so of you who use the Haddock Blogs RSS feeds. They stopped working on 22nd October (one thing was fixed, breaking another) and my attention has been so all over the place that I didn’t notice until yesterday.


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The locals slag you off

After writing about aggregating all my online activity everywhere I’ve been checking my enthusiasm over the past week. While I’m still keen on aggregating everything in one place in a format that makes sense I’m less keen on shooting things out to all other sites possible.


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Field Trip 1993

I’ve been going through my video cassettes and digitising (using a borrowed one of these) the handful of things that aren’t already floating around Internet. One tape was the hour long video of the field trip I went on in my final year at university, which I’ve uploaded to Vimeo.


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Wholly deserved demise

It’s bad enough that so many people watch this crap. It’s worse that so many people spend so much time talking about it. It’s a disgrace that this is apparently the most important thing in the world today.


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DBD::mysql on Leopard with _mysql_init errors

It was over four years ago that I first had problems installing the DBD::mysql Perl module on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Some things don’t change for the better and I spent most of this afternoon struggling to get up and running DBD::mysql on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


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