Saturday 11 October 2008

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Graphs that lie

Here’s one thing that’s making me angry at the moment. In fact there are several things making me angry at the moment: McCain’s supporters; the greed that lead us into these financial end-times… and by comparison this particular matter is trivial. But at least it’s easier to solve than the others.


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Rodcorp: London Art fairs in October 2008

You should do tours of some of them. Whenever I look at modern art these days I feel like a complete philistine because it means nothing to me. I know nothing about what any of the artists are trying to do and am so out of touch with the art scene generally that I can't even guess. Unless it “looks nice” I roll my eyes and walk on. I'd love to go with someone who knows something.

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11 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 03:56pm: Spent the day running round Shoreditch for the 48 hour film competition. Heading home footsore and damp.
  • 08:17pm: A cosy Saturday night in angrily correcting stock market graphs.
  • 10:46pm: Saying "Hebbo" to Tarvuism!