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Apologies if you read Haddock Blogs, as the site was down for some of last week. A server broke and I was away so couldn’t make sure the site was resurrected.


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The first life logger

The moment a journalist calls Samuel Pepys “the world’s first blogger” is about the first moment I roll my eyes. But in the same vein of shallow scrabbling for a glittering phrase maybe Gerolamo Cardano was the world’s first life logger.


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Way too jaded

Last Friday I went to a stormy Brighton for dConstruct, a conference on “Designing the social web”. I had a great day, one that reminded me how little I’ve socialised over the past couple of years. The conference was well organised and very simple — a single track of talks and plenty of time for mingling and chatting. But I did feel underwhelmed by the talks, a feeling I remember from previous times I’ve been to web conferences.


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Head of the tiny pack

Late last night, after returning home a little hazy following a fun night out at an east London pub with karaoke and an odd mixture of ageing locals, including some fine singers, and younger, cooler non-locals trying to decide whether they were enjoying things ironically or authentically or whether it mattered so long as they were enjoying things, I heard that the author David Foster Wallace had committed suicide.


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Byliner is closing

Over eight years ago I launched Byliner, a site that lets you know when a writer you’re following publishes a new article. Three years later I decided to close it down. Then changed my mind.

But the time has come, again, to say goodbye.


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This week I’ve set up a new site for myself, PhilipGyford.com. It’s intended as a kind of shop window for me as an actor. Hmm, that sounds a bit poncy. Hell, just calling myself an actor sounds a bit poncy. But the idea is that people who might cast me in something can find out everything they need to know there without having to come to Gyford.com and wade through posts about Movable Type, music, bikes, etc.


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