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Writing: July 2023

  1. w/e 2023-07-31

    A week in Essex, Walton pier, Lanny by Max Porter, Halt and Catch Fire seasons 1-2.

  2. w/e 2023-07-23

    Wireless headphones, frogs/toads, Slow Horses season two, and A Visit from the Goon Squad.

  3. w/e 2023-07-16

    caroline, second-hand books, Bridge of Spies, and season one of Shrinking.

  4. w/e 2023-07-09

    Cracking the Cryptic, Thomas Dolby’s The Speed of Sound, Beef and Colin from Accounts.

  5. w/e 2023-07-02

    More Glastonbury, emoji and award nomination, James Bridle’s Ways of Being, and season three of Ted Lasso,