Comments switched off

I’ve switched off the ability to post comments on this site. Not because they’re a bad thing — I’m at the good low-level of popularity that means I get occasional comments and they’re generally not from idiots — but because of the amount of spam.

Nearly all of the spam gets filtered away, which is great, and better than the bad old days. But there’s still a lot of it. Over the past week 5000 spam comments have been posted across the various websites on my Movable Type installation, and a fair proportion of them have been on my own weblog. They each take up a tiny bit of technical overhead.

Because I can feel the system creaking these days I want to do what I can to keep everything working. And, as I say in that post, I have no desire to move to a bigger and better server with such a short time remaining before the end of the Pepys project.

You can always email me or tweet at me (@philgyford) if you have any comments. And one day I’ll get round to revamping this site and all will feel young again. Maybe.

21 Jan 2012 at Twitter

  • 11:06pm: @realmonkeybear I walked in part-way through that and was convinced it was Blair talking. Voice sounded so similar.
  • 10:33pm: @mildlydiverting @FinalBullet @rachelcoldicutt What?! I've spent all evening on my “It is I, LeClerc!” Back to the drawing board. “’tler!”
  • 3:54pm: Thinking, “I like so-and-so’s recent albums,” and realising those albums came out twenty years ago. And that twenty years isn’t long.
  • 2:06pm: Might be fake of course, but this is The City.
  • 2:05pm: Found a watch in the locker at the gym this morning, so handed it in. Just seen how much Breitlings cost. *blink* Hope the owner is pleased.

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