Comments switched off

I’ve switched off the ability to post comments on this site. Not because they’re a bad thing — I’m at the good low-level of popularity that means I get occasional comments and they’re generally not from idiots — but because of the amount of spam.

Nearly all of the spam gets filtered away, which is great, and better than the bad old days. But there’s still a lot of it. Over the past week 5000 spam comments have been posted across the various websites on my Movable Type installation, and a fair proportion of them have been on my own weblog. They each take up a tiny bit of technical overhead.

Because I can feel the system creaking these days I want to do what I can to keep everything working. And, as I say in that post, I have no desire to move to a bigger and better server with such a short time remaining before the end of the Pepys project.

You can always email me or tweet at me (@philgyford) if you have any comments. And one day I’ll get round to revamping this site and all will feel young again. Maybe.

Commenting is disabled on posts once they’re 30 days old.

21 Jan 2012 at Twitter

  • 11:06pm: @realmonkeybear I walked in part-way through that and was convinced it was Blair talking. Voice sounded so similar.
  • 10:33pm: @mildlydiverting @FinalBullet @rachelcoldicutt What?! I've spent all evening on my “It is I, LeClerc!” Back to the drawing board. “’tler!”
  • 3:54pm: Thinking, “I like so-and-so’s recent albums,” and realising those albums came out twenty years ago. And that twenty years isn’t long.
  • 2:06pm: Might be fake of course, but this is The City.
  • 2:05pm: Found a watch in the locker at the gym this morning, so handed it in. Just seen how much Breitlings cost. *blink* Hope the owner is pleased.

21 Jan 2012 in Links