Week notes

I’m going to stop writing week notes. I’m bored of writing them and it rarely feels like there’s much interesting to write. It’s become a bit of a chore.

Occasionally it’s a good peg to hang some thought on, and it’s reminded me that it’s fine to just write about something without it having to be A Big Thing.

Other companies and people seem to find interesting things to say, and I love reading those, so the idea isn’t a bad one in general. And maybe I’ll come back to it. But until then, it’s just back to the regular service.

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5 Nov 2010 at Twitter

  • 3:24pm: Intrigued by email about the "CASA Latin American Theatre Festival" until I realised it wasn't UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis.
  • 11:39am: @tomskitomski We'll discover she used a library or a phone book soon. Shocking! I'm really missing what the point/problem is...?
  • 11:35am: @smagdali Hardly "implicated"! More "mentioned in passing". Turns out that bad people look things up online as well as good people!
  • 10:30am: There was no Thought for the Day this morning. Please suggest things I should think. I'm incapable otherwise. #thoughtfortheday
  • 10:08am: What I don't think when I see any "Promoted" Twitter Trend: "Ooh, that's interesting, I must find out more!"
  • 7:52am: @yoz @jah Is there something in the air? @tomtaylor's new efforts to learn vim properly have got me at it too.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Robyn (20)
  2. The Cure (18)
  3. Terror Danjah (7)
  4. Liliput (4)
  5. Bonobo (4)
  6. Mighty Clouds (3)
  7. Swans (3)
  8. Erykah Badu (2)
  9. De La Soul (2)
  10. The Bug (2)

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