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Week 335

I enjoy reading BERG’s weekly notes about what’s happening at the young company. I wondered whether there’s scope in an even smaller work unit — me — doing something similar, and decided there’s only one way to find out…


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Week 336

As work on Misfits eases off — I’ve been doing about three days a week recently, and it’ll be over completely within a couple of weeks — I’m looking toward what’s next. Which, as usual, is no work.


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Week 337

Paying work is now tailing off and I suspect there won’t be more than the odd day or two between now and sometime in 2010. Which is fine, but means I need to be more strict with myself about getting things done.


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Week 338

I nearly forgot to write this week. Although, when work is quiet, I wonder if it’s better to leave gaps, or to still write, to make clear that not all Weeknotes writers are horribly productive and thrusting and world-changing.


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Week 340

I last wrote two weeks ago and not much has happened since. But it’ll be a couple more weeks before I write again — next week is definitely a holiday for me — so I thought an end-of-year post would be in order now.


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Week 342

I’m kicking off the new year with a change of scene: I’m fortunate enough to have a desk in the new office shared by BERG, Really Interesting Group and Ruby Pseudo. It’s the first time I’ve had a base outside of home, so I’m looking forward to a more sociable, enjoyable and possibly even more productive year.


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Week 344

Last week I finally finished working through Practical Django Projects, which took longer than expected due to all the bits of code in it that don’t work. At times it felt like typing in pages of BASIC from ZX Spectrum magazines and having to hunt through for the typos.


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Week 345

If all goes to plan I’ll be busy with client work, SXSW, and a proper holiday from the start of March through to mid-May. So I’m trying to reserve the few weeks before then for myself.


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Week 347

Weeknotes always seem to be written by people who are extremely busy and/or enthusiastic. Let’s look back at last week (346) and momentarily buck that trend.


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Week 348

It turns out I’m no good at blocking off time for my own projects. I managed to resist earlier in the month, but now the next fortnight, which was going to be nicely open, is chock full. Thankfully, it’s all good stuff.


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Week 349

This past week I’ve been working with BERG, the other side of our office’s internal wall, on their El Morro project.


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Week 350

A busy week. I was due to continue working on the project I previously code-named Project Humphrey but that was delayed by a couple of days. So the start of the week I continued at BERG on their El Morro project, bringing a technical specification up to date.


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Week 351

This is late, it’s about last week, the beginning of which seems a long time ago, before I came away to Austin, TX last Thursday.


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Week 353

Back to work this week after most of last week on a post-SXSW holiday and I’m back with Somethin’ Else, cracking on with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript on what I, and I alone, called Project Humphrey for the purposes of these weeknotes.


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Week 355

Week 354 whizzed by without being weeknoted and 355 almost did too. Both were pretty similar.


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Week 356

At this point on the project, towards the end, I’m trying to get through my list of outstanding tasks as rapidly as possible. As one colleague suggested, I’m keeping in mind the list of finished tasks, rather than the never-shrinking list of tasks yet to complete.


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Week 361

After going on holiday it’s been hard to get back into writing weeknotes. I’m also frequently unsure whether to continue writing them. I enjoy reading those from other individuals and companies but, after the initial enthusiasm, I haven’t been sure what they’re for in my case.


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Week 362

A few days late, but last week… No client work in Week 362, but (or maybe “and”) a satisfying and fun few days.


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Week 363

A four-day week, two of which were spent at Somethin’ Else, continuing the bug-fixing, tweaking, polishing, updating and general finishing-off of the project I’ve been working on there for a while. We’re inching ever closer to the finish line with that.


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Week 364

That was a good week. I spent the first couple of days continuing work on Today’s Guardian, which appears to have gone down well; thanks for all the kind words. Then a couple of days working with BERG on their project codenamed Trumbull. And today was a leisurely Friday of updating Pepys. A nice mixture of stuff. No idea what I’m doing next week. See you then.

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Week 365

I spent the first half of the week failing to get Today’s Guardian working better on an iPhone and iPad. Well, I got it working better, but not working well. I dithered between different ways to move between articles with swipe gestures and looking at having on-screen next/previous buttons. Both proved difficult.


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Week 366

Last week… most of my working time was spent on Today’s Guardian, not that you’d know it. Trying to make the site work nicely on iPhone and iPad has been harder than I expected and progress has been slow.


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Week 367

That was a busy week, on work and social fronts and in the overlap between.


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Week 368

Things eased off a little this week, sandwiched between a way-too-hectic week and what is, currently, a long summer free of any commitments.


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Week 369

No client work this week, which was a welcome luxury.


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Week 372

A bit of a gap there but the three past weeks have been pretty much the same work-wise, so let’s collapse them into some kind of folded temporal zig-zag of time and treat them as one.


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Week 374

The past couple of weeks, with no client work on, have been taken up with Pepys. I decided to update the maps on the site and improve some of the location data. I thought this might be two, maybe three, days’ work. Two weeks later I’m still going.


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Week 375

I managed to have most of a day off this week, really off, away from the computer off. That was nice.


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Week 376

A short week really, but a good one.


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Week 377

Quick, before the memory of last week fades… I spent most of week 377 preparing my talk for OpenTech about Today’s Guardian. It shouldn’t have taken so long but I’d never really done a proper presentation before so it was a slow process.


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Week 378

After several weeks of working on my own stuff, I spent most of this week doing something for myself I really enjoyed. Imagine! Enjoying myself in my own time! Not saddling myself with a really dull and laborious task!


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Week 380

Two weeks to catch up on… I spent around three days each week climbing Django’s learning curve, as evidenced by the increase in dull-to-the-majority posts here about code.


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Week 381

I spent much of the week plugging away at Django, learning new things, making progress, but also hitting some huge frustrations.


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Week 382

Back to work this week, starting on a project with a new US-based client. So I spent most of the week iterating through sketches of possible interfaces for a website. It’s interesting stuff, but trying to brainstorm radically new things on one’s own, for several days, has its tough moments. Still, I think it’s going OK. That continues next week.


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Week 384

Before I head off to start Week 385 I have 383 and 384 to catch up on.


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Week notes

I’m going to stop writing week notes. I’m bored of writing them and it rarely feels like there’s much interesting to write. It’s become a bit of a chore.


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What I’ve been doing recently

I felt like writing something quick, not one of those long-simmering posts that grows larger and larger until writing it requires taking a week off or something. So, hello, here are some words about what I’ve been doing recently.


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This week

Some things that I’ve done, watched, read and listened to this week.


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Week ending 17th September 2017

If these end up being this regular, I’m not sure what to call each one.


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w/e 24 Sep 2017

A little late this week. Work, Banksy, Mother! and London.


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w/e 8 October 2017

Personal coding, acting workshops, and my identity.


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w/e 15 October 2017

WordPress, RSS feeds, Accident, Blade Runner 2049, Lingua Franca, Diet Cig, Aldous Harding, Back.


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w/e 22 October 2017

A quiet week.


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w/e 29 October 2017

WordPress, Japanese, The Death of Stalin, The Vietnam War and a happy gig.


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w/e 5 November 2017

This week I spent four hours each weekday with some folk from the Salon Collective, exploring how to adapt a classic play, to set it in modern-day England.


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w/e 19 November 2017

The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and acting classes.


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