Week 348

It turns out I’m no good at blocking off time for my own projects. I managed to resist earlier in the month, but now the next fortnight, which was going to be nicely open, is chock full. Thankfully, it’s all good stuff.

Last week I got a set of wireframes done for Project Humphrey, which are now with the client. At the start of the week I didn’t fully understand the project and, even for those more immersed in it, there were many vague areas that hadn’t been decided yet. Specifying exactly what’s on every page helps everyone confront the hazy bits and decide what happens where and what needs to be built.

This week… There are a few tweaks to make to those wireframes. Wednesday I’m going to my alma mater, UWE, Bristol, to talk to Dan Dixon’s web design students. I plan to talk about practical stuff: the kind of work I do and the problems and benefits of freelancing. I plan to talk about that, but I need to work it out yet. Thursday I have a conference call with some potential international clients (which, for someone like me unaccustomed to international “telcos”, is quite exciting). On Friday I’ll be at The Story conference which should be fascinating.

Around all that, and continuing into next week, my time is suddenly filled up by working with the clever folk in the other half of the office, BERG, working on on the “El Morro” project, which I’m unusually excited about. It takes a lot to excite me, international telcos aside, so this is good.

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16 Feb 2010 at Twitter

  • 4:52pm: What a bloody day.
  • 3:59pm: @andyhunti Excellent :) Many congratulations to you all! :)
  • 10:23am: Got into the office earlyish to get work done. Bailing out the office proved more pressing. Still damp, still water coming in, but better.
  • 10:19am: @Zoonie "Like punching yourself in the face repeatedly" isn't cover blurb likely to encourage readers :)