Me at Interesting 2008

Last weekend I gave a five minute talk at Interesting 2008 about how we use masks at college. Russell asked me to do something about acting, after my demonstration of an acting thing last year didn’t quite work, but I only settled on a specific topic a couple of days before the event. Given college is rather hectic at the moment I didn’t have enough time to prepare and so it’s with slight hesitation that I present two brief video snippets of me in action, taken and uploaded by Roo Reynolds:

The first is me demonstrating a half-mask I made this year.

The second is me demonstrating a red nose:

Both videos make me feel embarrassed because my whole five minutes was pretty much improvised and these consequently seem like really bad examples of mask/nose wearing. It feels a bit like I blew things due to a really stupid lack of preparation. I shudder to think what anyone from college would think. But still, in the interests of openness, that was something what I did. I think there might be more complete videos on the way via the [Guardian]( at some point; I’ll post here if my full five minutes pops up there.


  • It feels a bit like I blew things due to a really stupid lack of preparation.

    Well, hell, I wish I'd seen it. Sure you're not making the mistake I think I tend to be guilty of - viz., forgetting that three or four salient facts will mean a lot more to the audience than they do to the speaker, who's caught up in all the extra stuff they know? Bitchin mask btw d3wd.

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