Cool Tools - Feedly RSS reader

It would be useful to know why you consider Feedly to be better than other similar services you’ve tried.

When Google Reader closed I tried Newsblur and Feedbin and another that I forget. Newsblur was good but had a lot of extra features that I didn’t need (very social ones, commenting, blogging etc) so I went with Feedbin:

It’s been steadily improving ever since, in both features and appearance. The website works very well for reading, and lots of apps (like Reeder) use Feedbin’s API to provide specific iOS, Mac, Android, etc reading experiences.

It costs $3/month or $30/year which I’m more than happy to pay to support the developer, given what happened to the free Google Reader.

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19 May 2014 at Twitter

  • 5:53pm: @frankieroberto Real! Why would you not…?
  • 5:36pm: Worked out how to draw some circles today. This counts as progress. #d3js
  • 4:51pm: @antimega Does it have WebArt?
  • 12:12pm: @mattsheret “Matt Sheret, author of the best-selling ‘Daily Lists Are The Way To Go’ and ‘Create Your Personal Narrative in Only 30 Days’.”
  • 12:09pm: @mattsheret You’re supposed to spin that advice out for 200 pages if you want to be a self-help guru!
  • 11:44am: "This issue contains 6 articles and 40,186 words. The rarest words inside are 'moshing', 'resplendently', and 'paraboloid'." #paperlater
  • 7:02am: @Zoonie @chrislunch @smagdali No.