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We’ve been trying to solve one a week (Monday’s, so usually Rufus) over lunchtimes at work, usually 2+ of us. I think we’re better than when we started a couple of years ago, but we still almost never finish one over five days.

But, given more quiet thinking time (ie, on holiday, with no distractions), I have occasionally got close to finishing one. So, given I knew nothing about them not so long ago, that’s some progress.

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23 Sep 2013 at Twitter

  • 9:46pm: @chrislunch Whichever slave became the pharaoh must have really shown some initiative and hard work. Well done to them!
  • 9:45pm: Also, a great panel! The secret: they knew a lot about a very specific subject. (Obviously, audience questions still a waste of breath.)
  • 9:44pm: Bob Stanley-curated Ian Nairn films at the Barbican really good. I’d never heard of Nairn before, but should have:
  • 9:42pm: @chrislunch Those slaves certainly must have leaned in to get such a great opportunity.
  • 3:54pm: @chrislunch "I approached it with great trepidation and a degree of scepticism, particularly about why we needed a box…” Well, yes.
  • 2:47pm: ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments.
  • 2:13pm: @alicebartlett Sounds edgy.
  • 10:02am: @aanand Please do!
  • 7:21am: And… relax. I’ll make my sandwiches now. They will be amazing! I will achieve my dreams, and yours, with bread, ham and cheese! Mwah!
  • 7:18am: I probably agree with a lot of the super inspiring #xoxofest stuff, but in tweet form it reads like over-simplistic proselytising.
  • 7:15am: I’m really happy for you, but you sound like a loon. Grrrraaarrrr, Monday morning rage. Hello!
  • 7:13am: It’s probably lovely to be there, but #xoxofest is like having smiley, clappy people try to convince you how much you’d love their religion.

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