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Catherine Shoard describes Col Needham as the man who “created the Internet Movie Database” (G2, 13 May). While true in a technical sense, this ignores the vast amount of data contributed, free, by users of the original website. Without their unrewarded (and apparently forgotten) labours, IMDb would not have been as attractive to Amazon in 1998, if at all.
Phil Gyford

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14 May 2013 at Twitter

  • 9:14pm: No matter how much we love the Internet, a few seconds on TV, or lines in a newspaper, are still more exciting.
  • 9:12pm: Hey @joroach briefly on BBC News with two guys in suits!
  • 8:56pm: @rex3000 Maybe this year!
  • 8:55pm: Boooo, Montenegro’s dubsteppy astronauts and scary cyber Google Glass lady don’t get through.
  • 8:30pm: Amazingly realistic Bonnie Tyler mask.
  • 8:24pm: Croatia good just for being non-poppy. Montenegro’s cyber spacemen my favourite track. Belarus most catchily Eurovision.
  • 8:03pm: Stan Sitwell’s eyebrows making an appearance for Ireland.
  • 7:57pm: @rex3000 Classic Eurovision. Cha cha cha!
  • 7:20pm: Three songs in to Eurovision and nothing too ridiculous yet. Disappointing. Come on Europe!
  • 7:18pm: @holgate @blech I’m not sure exactly how it works. They have customers…
  • 2:19pm: @warrenellis @moleitau @benhammersley @stml I used to wonder what would make me go all survivalist and run for the wilderness…
  • 2:10pm: Less than an hour from first copied and pasted code to successful OAuth2 results. I must be getting better at copying and pasting.
  • 7:06am: I’ve got a letter in the Guardian today about yesterday’s IMDb article: guardian.co.uk/theguardian/20…

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