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Catherine Shoard fails to even mention the huge number of volunteers who contributed the data which went into IMDb in the early years. Without their enthusiastic work I can’t imagine Amazon would have had much interest in the site. Imagine Wikipedia if it was solely the work of its two founders - not much use. An article about websites and services that profit from the volunteer work of their users would be interesting.

13 May 2013 at Twitter

  • 6:03pm: 10 minutes failing to install iPlayer Desktop vs 5 seconds finding a working Pirate Bay site.
  • 4:28pm: @alicebartlett @kapowaz @jwheare In less formal things, LIKE AN EMAIL ALICE, one sounds less of a pompous arse using “me and X”. #mydefence
  • 1:55pm: @blech was where I first came across it, and they still have a page about it there!
  • 8:44am: @whoisdanw Strictly Spacewalk. Floating With The Stars. Britain’s Got Astronauts. The Only Way Is Mars. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Into Orbit!
  • 7:52am: Article about the success of the IMDb’s “creator” that doesn’t mention its value was the contributions of volunteers:…

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