Cool Tools: Kryptonite Evolution U-Lock

The trouble with posting something like a bike lock as a “Cool Tool” is that few people have tested several locks and settled on the one that’s “best”. We can find a good balance between size, weight and apparent effectiveness, but to really test the effectiveness of several bike locks you need to try breaking them all - an expensive and exhausting prospect.

The Kryptonite Evolution is supposed to be good though, so I’m not criticising the author’s choice on this occasion!

When I asked around about bike locks recently, several people pointed me at this frequently-updated first post that lists effective (tested!) bike locks:  Abus are generally recommended as much as Kryptonite.

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  • 7:07pm: @arielwaldman @timoni That doesn't stop the endless pleading for votes seeming cheap, and making me dislike SXSW and my friends.
  • 5:24pm: @scottyhendo @malbonster It’s just that the pleading about voting makes me dislike both SXSW and my friends months before SXSW even starts.
  • 1:09pm: My #SXSW vote: The organisers take responsibility and curate an amazing conference so the session choice isn’t simply a popularity contest.
  • 11:23am: Six balding 50-something men in suits and ties striding across the sunny car park, as if the Reservoir Dogs had gone into accounting.
  • 7:52am: @spaceboy Did Glorious 39 get a little better or even worse after the first half hour, which was all we managed?

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