Cool Tools: Kryptonite Evolution U-Lock

I’ve often read people on bike forums warn others away from the Sheldon Brown method. These days, if you’re going to lock your rear wheel to an object, you may as well also lock the frame. Sure, it’s unlikely that someone will chop your locked wheel up in order to get your unlocked frame, but why put temptation in their way?

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22 Aug 2011 at Twitter

  • 7:07pm: @arielwaldman @timoni That doesn't stop the endless pleading for votes seeming cheap, and making me dislike SXSW and my friends.
  • 5:24pm: @scottyhendo @malbonster It’s just that the pleading about voting makes me dislike both SXSW and my friends months before SXSW even starts.
  • 1:09pm: My #SXSW vote: The organisers take responsibility and curate an amazing conference so the session choice isn’t simply a popularity contest.
  • 11:23am: Six balding 50-something men in suits and ties striding across the sunny car park, as if the Reservoir Dogs had gone into accounting.
  • 7:52am: @spaceboy Did Glorious 39 get a little better or even worse after the first half hour, which was all we managed?

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