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Did you ever see ‘The Secret Life of the Motorway’? That was great for making it clear how amazing motorways are. Or how amazing they *were* a few decades ago, and how they seemed like the future, and what a feat their construction was, and how BIG their road signs were, and how people would crowd on the bridges just to watch cars driving along these amazing new roads.

It looks like you can watch it online, although the sound’s out-of-sync here:

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24 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 7:45pm: But all mostly tidied now, and Project Bathroom 95% complete; we shall have showers! Starting to start Christmas.
  • 7:42pm: If I was interviewed for Hyperbole News: "After the builders left our flat was so dusty it was literally like the moon! Or like Pompeii!"
  • 4:36pm: @russelldavies It was for the good of humanity. Who knows what havoc that half can of furry tomato soup could have wreaked if left alone!
  • 3:59pm: Pepys peeped, invoice sent, washing up done, fridge cleared (ugh), mince pies confiscated, bin emptied, shutters down. Home time!
  • 1:50pm: I thought I was quite good at saving things as I went along, in case of an unexpected crash. Turns out... Rewinding today by an hour.
  • 1:25pm: @rod Wonderful. If Map Club still existed, not that it ever existed, she could be the youngest member!
  • 12:27pm: Popped back to the coffee shed for mulled wine and mince pies. And my clock still only says 09:24. This day's going great!
  • 12:00pm: The @Taylor_St selection box muffins from the coffee shed are very tasty and sweet and filling.
  • 10:38am: Thought I was making good progress today, then realised my menubar clock had frozen over an hour ago.
  • 9:34am: Up, and at the office to prepare the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Pepys' 1668.
  • 8:44am: @shiftrunstop We used pillowcases too. Pillowcases woven from Santa's beard hair, but that's normal too, right?

Music listened to most that week

  1. Robyn (38)
  2. The Mountain Goats (23)
  3. Suede (11)
  4. Darkstar (10)
  5. Scud Mountain Boys (7)
  6. Jane Siberry (7)
  7. Vince Guaraldi (4)
  8. DJ Riko (4)
  9. The Tallest Man on Earth (3)
  10. Low (3)

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