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Looks very much like the glossy ‘Barbican Life’ magazine we get through our letterbox every quarter.

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29 Nov 2010 at Twitter

  • 10:25pm: Watching conference videos in which you only see the speaker. Expect them to end with a zoom out like that Tom Waits press conference video.
  • 9:29pm: MIT Media Lab is looking for Master's candidates to work on civic media projects. Coding background required:
  • 3:07pm: After a couple of weeks of "holiday" (ie, fiddling with my own code), it's now back to working on stuff for Large American Company.
  • 2:55pm: @suegyford We now have a screen in our office devoted to the webcam of penguins at Edinburgh zoo: So cute! And cold!

Music listened to most that week

  1. VHS Head (21)
  2. Soul Coughing (15)
  3. Miles Davis (14)
  4. Hefner (13)
  5. Cowboy Junkies (12)
  6. Luscious Jackson (12)
  7. Galaxie 500 (4)
  8. Pavement (3)
  9. Gang of Four (3)
  10. Yo La Tengo (3)

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