The Observer's Richard Rogers and his world of stupid

I keep thinking I should start a blog devoted to highlighting basic inaccuracies in professional journalism. We all make mistakes of course, but when one of the reasons professional outlets would say they are superior to mere bloggers is because of their journalism, their editing, their fact-checking, etc, this kind of stuff shows how often that argument falls down.

Not that I want to dance on the grave of worthwhile, quality reporting — it’s an important and valuable thing that I hope, in some fashion, can be sustained. But this kind of error is the sort of thing that someone who knows anything about the field in question should have picked up on, and that provides ammunition for equally dumb “blogging is the future of journalism” arguments.

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8 Aug 2010 in Photos

8 Aug 2010 at Twitter

  • 9:34pm: Dear BBC, Why bother showing credits if you're going to shrink them to less than half the screen so they're impossible to read? #sherlock
  • 8:05pm: Gah! Living room too full of thrill power to sit down and watch Sherlock.
  • 2:06pm: Sgt. Streetwise! The Tower King! The Collector! Jake's Platoon! The Invisible Boy! Suzanne Dando straddling a beam!
  • 1:59pm: Doomlord! Manix! Saddle Tramp! Thunderbolt and Smokey! Joe Soap! ("There's only one Joe Soap - Cops and villains agree on that!")
  • 1:48pm: @danhon ACE issue 24, with its news of the latest CDI machines, "hypergames", and a new game called 'Sim City', is yours!
  • 1:44pm: Peak nostalgia.
  • 1:02pm: @danhon I have a spare copy of ACE if you want one? Or just to look? Or has your nostalgia been sated?
  • 11:32am: Celebration! I lost my wedding ring this morning, but I've just found it between issues of 'PBM Monthly' and 'LM'. Phew.
  • 10:47am: @antimega Well yes, Crash was best, but I hadn't forgotten about it :)
  • 8:54am: Mags I'd forgotten about: Blast!, Strip, G.M., Games Review Monthly, ACE, Space Voyager, Airfix Magazine, Warlock, Computer Gamer.
  • 8:49am: Comics I'd forgotten about: Buddy, Scream!, Wow!, Krazy Comic, Revolver, Spike, Nutty.