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I saw ‘Toy Story 3’ this evening and, assuming the “extended peril” sequence is the one I’m thinking of, it lasts about three seconds and is immediately followed by Buzz doing very silly and funny things. And the “zombie” doll is… well, just a doll, with one half-closed eye.

I’m not dismissing Nora’s upset at all — as a kid I was terrified of the flying monkeys in ‘Wizard of Oz’ myself — but I think it’s a bit much to make sweeping statements about millions of American kids being inured to murdering zombie violence because of a brief image of a slightly eerie doll, especially when you haven’t seen it yourself. :)

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31 Jul 2010 at Twitter

  • 9:53pm: I'm sure there was a time when I'd be productive on the computer late at night, rather than messing around doing nothing useful. Bed!
  • 2:49pm: @smithsam In such a situation I foolishly thought they might print an apology or explanation, not just "disappear" the article.
  • 2:40pm: Why did someone at TechCrunch silently remove a story about the BBC and Facebook? http://bit.ly/akiptW @mikebutcher? @TCEurope?
  • 2:06pm: Getting bored of seeing ads for the WordPress Thesis theme on every other site I visit. Does Google Ads have nothing else relevant to me?
  • 1:17pm: @macintosh I haven't go my key either; I was giving them feedback on the quality of their emails :)
  • 1:16pm: Walking from the chill of Waitrose into London's humidity flashed me back to exiting the iciness of Kroger to a suburban Houston carpark.
  • 10:56am: Smashing. A nice email from Barclays Cycle Hire soliciting feedback. Their feedback email address bounces. Oops.

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